Limitless (single)

by Black Tape For A Blue Girl

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A five track introduction to the new Blacktape release, THESE FLEETING MOMENTS. Only one track on this single appears on the album.

Picking up Blacktape’s classic 90s darkwave, ethereal sound; original vocalist Oscar returns on their 30th anniversary.

Includes a 2016 recording of "through sky blue rooms" with Dani on vocals, and the Spanish version of the first movement of "The vastness of life."

“Gently lit by the existential gleam of a dying sun”
– Soundscape Magazine

You can purchase the deluxe limited edition CD of THESE FLEETING MOMENTS at the Projekt website:

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This single includes four non-album tracks.

Given where Black Tape for a Blue Girl began over a quarter of a century ago with founder Sam Rosenthal’s exploration of brooding, extended electronics and strings meshed with deeply revealing lyrics and darkly textured, melodramatic vocal performances, it’s striking to see his muse and inspiration reach a new peak on their 11th album, These Fleeting Moments. The ethereal, gothic and darkAmbient stylings that made them one of the originators of American darkwave are offered on this release which coincides with the band’s 30th anniversary. Rosenthal reinvigorates their classic sound with the return of original vocalist Oscar Herrera, absent from music for 17 years.


oscar herrera • vocals
danielle herrera • vocals
brian viglione • drums
sam rosenthal • electronics, acoustic guitar

chase dobson • electric guitars & bass, 2 & 3
oscar • acoustic guitar, 4


1 quien yo soy
This is the Spanish version of “the vastness of life (part 1).” It’s the first Blacktape song sung entirely in another language. Yes, there were a couple of lines in Spanish on “with my sorrows,” but never an entire song. Oscar did the translation. It was weird mixing my own song and not knowing the meaning of the word I am focused on!

2 limitless
This is an album track. This mix is ever so slightly different from the one on the album.

3 alaska
This is the same backing track as “limitless,” but with different lyrics / melody. In late 2015, I was struggling to come up with lyrics for this song. Through a long editing process, I got it together - the lyrics on "Alaska;" but then I felt like maybe it wasn't quite fitting with the direction of the album, so I completely rewrote the words in January, a few weeks before Oscar and Dani came out to record. I like each version for different reasons. Ultimately I settled on “Limitless” for the album, as it seemed to fit better.. I guess we’ll see if I made the right choice, when people start reacting to both of them.

4 through sky blue rooms (2016)
Dani and Oscar perform a lovely rendition of this track off Ashes in the brittle air.

5 limitless (stripped)
At the last minute, I decided to include an exclusive track that is not at iTunes or Amazon or streaming. Something special for everyone who purchases direct from our Bandcamp page. Over the weekend I did an alternate mix of “limitless,” Oscar made suggestions to make it even more sparse! This is the bonus fifth track, focusing on the vocals and acoustic guitar, with some nice elements of the other instruments swirling around. 


released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Black Tape For A Blue Girl Portland, Oregon

Black Tape for a Blue Girl is an American Darkwave band formed in 1986 by Projekt Records' founder Sam Rosenthal. Their music takes on elements of darkwave, ethereal, ambient, dark cabaret, and neoclassical music. Director David Lynch, alt-Porn actress Sasha Grey and writer Poppy Z. Brite are some of the band's more well-known fans. ... more

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