two eyes in the darkness
two guides leading me
we’ll cross the rubicon

this belief is all i have
my misplaced trust and faith
sanctioned insanity

following the path of ghosts
following ideals irrevocably
it leads me nowhere

toxic rivers serve as borderlines
we rush across to italy
no time to stop and ask myself

we’ll enter as heretics
wearing wool, blood-stained and pure
together we’ll cross the rubicon

together we’ll cross the rubicon
searching for our truths
together we’ll cross the rubicon
disavow all truths


from Blood on the snow, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Black Tape For A Blue Girl Portland, Oregon

Black Tape for a Blue Girl is an American Darkwave band formed in 1986 by Projekt Records' founder Sam Rosenthal. Their music takes on elements of darkwave, ethereal, ambient, dark cabaret, and neoclassical music. Director David Lynch, alt-Porn actress Sasha Grey and writer Poppy Z. Brite are some of the band's more well-known fans. ... more

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