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BlackTape album in progress [dec 2017]

by Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Patron exclusive
the stars 04:37


album in progress december 2017
here’s the rough mixes i’ve been listening to lately. i believe this is the complete album in order, the songs are in instrumental form at this time (except for “faraway beach.”) these might not be the final song titles. i have these pieces uploaded to a private bandcamp album; i listen to it while I write the lyrics. and I’ve been shuffling the order, to determine the best sequence and transition between tracks. I like the way it’s flowing now.

below are some notes about the status of these pieces + which band member will be on them. I’m planning to get oscar and dani plane tickets (thanks to the patreon backers for their support!) to come out to record in february.

1 the stars — chase added electric guitar and drum machine. dani will sing the vocals. lyrics are about 90% done, i still have to come up with some parts of the melody, record the guides and send to dani.

2 turbulent constellation
i. always you — oscar has the lyrics and guide melodies to rehearse to.
ii. unnamed — i’m thinking shadow will play viola on this ambient section
iii. unnamed — writing lyrics for dani
iv. unnamed — instrumental.

3 in my memories — oscar has the lyrics and guide melodies to rehearse to. i’m pretty sure the music track is done.
(there’s a bit of my guide vocals in there at the end, for you.)

4 on some faraway beach — the only track from the blood on the snow ep that will be on the album. dani’s vocals and shadow’s viola already recorded. this one is done except for some mixing ideas.

5 blood on the snow ii — this was not on the blood on the snow ep, but recorded at the same time. shadow plays viola.
i’m pretty sure this track is done.

6 all that i thought i wanted — patreon patrons heard this song on november 25th. it’s now a bit longer and a bit more in tune ;-). I sent it to brian to record drums at his place. i’m working on lyrics, i have an idea what it’s about, but still fine tuning it.
oscar will sing. chase might play something.

7 to touch the milky way — oscar has the lyrics and guide melodies to rehearse to. i’ve asked walter holland to play a guitar solo at 1:51-2:54 (my synth guide is in that spot.) i’m pretty sure i won’t add any other instruments.

the theme of the songs and the album is still swirling in my head, but i have an idea about the stars above us: one of the few consistent things in our life.

from “always you:”
looking up into the same constellations my father saw / the same complicated wreckage of our lives.

and from “to touch the milky way:”
why do we fight, and love and die? on my back in the dust with my eyes on the wheel of the milky way




released December 13, 2017

The information above is included as a pdf with the download


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Black Tape For A Blue Girl creates darkwave, ethereal, neoclassical, ambient, goth albums. This page also includes my ambient/electronic music, as well as side-projects. Thanks for listening. Sam

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