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A chaos of desire

by Black Tape For A Blue Girl

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I cannot choose only one favourite; I have FOUR. They are, in order of appearance, "These Fleeting Moments", "A Chaos of Desire", "Of These Reminders" and "Could I Stay the Honest One?"

RECOMMENDED Favorite track: these fleeting moments.
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rikm Lush and sensual, "A Chaos of Desire" perfectly brings together all of the elements that draw me to the music of Black Tape for a Blue Girl.

Richly textured and beautiful, this is a particularly powerful release from an outstanding collection of albums...
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silentracket I firstly bought this album the year it was published: a milestone! Favorite track: the hypocrite is me.
Bri McAuley
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Bri McAuley I absolutely love BTFABG. <3 The soundscapes touch me on a spiritual level. Favorite track: we watch our sad-eyed angel fall.
Swampyre McCobb
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Swampyre McCobb It comes with me to places I only thought I could get to alone.
knowing your voice could awaken me, is what makes my life impossible
 knowing we've severed every tie, yet remain bound to each other knowing how i long for the one i once loved, the one who once loved me 
knowing what i've lost, what is it like to have that beyond reach? knowing that your voice will destroy any new dreams i create
 knowing i'll do the things that you desire 
life moves on. lie in wait. unaffected. unconscious.
 knowing that your voice will destroy any new dreams i believe in a chaos of desire
 knowing i love you... 
there's no longer, anything i can do 
there's no longer, anything i can do about it.
Innocent, embraces turned to dream In textures like lovers but would I go through with this? Entangled, enraptured, entwined our bodies lie Your kiss, the fear, my thoughts explode... didn't you notice I wanted you? Pandora's box, trapped within the tree of knowledge Desire's there, my longing despair, how could it have led us here? She said she was the flame, all that's touched, consumed She said that she burned through those that she loved Somehow I thought we could not be harmed, but we lost our innocence I'm sorry for falling in love with you. I'm sorry for tearing us apart. What's really there? Curiosity? Burning through all that we loved. I'm sorry for falling in love with you. I'm sorry for tearing us apart. Unleashed despair, desire's there, hope is all that remains. (have you forsaken me?) (have you forsaken me?) I'm sorry for falling in love with you. I'm sorry for tearing us apart. Unleashed despair, desire's here, hopes all remain inside. Pandora's box, the innocent. Why does it seem I always blame? For what i did, for what i did, didn't you notice I wanted you? I'm sorry for falling in love with you. All that's touched was consumed... all that's touched was consumed ... we lost our innocence.
Once I found my inner truths Now I'm lost, I cannot act, still bound by the rules Bury my feelings deep inside "emotionally impotent,” your words turn shard and fall "incapable of love,” as you slash through the air The biggest risk to be myself Shine shuttered lights into my eyes I cannot escape, unending lies My inspiration turns to my disguise
If your words lodged within me Burning streamers... how could i stay The honest one? harboring these feelings... engulfing me Burn my memories... your tears the ultimate Beauty... so deceived, by honesty Similar needs, similar traits... A fear of being turned against, so hard to open... Desire... desire... lose this fear; reveal my heart to you Remain in this house as the walls tumble down My faith swirling round... my faith swirling round... Maybe this all reveals… Within each other have we found our spirit


A CHAOS OF DESIRE is the 4th Black Tape For A Blue Girl album. It was recorded in 1990 and released in early 1991. It was always one of my favorites, it's quite dark - Oscar and Julianna's vocals are wonderful. And I love the instrumental segments featuring violinist Vicki Richards. It really captured the pain and chaos of a broken heart.

"Black Tape For A Blue Girl is a treasure of a band. Their sound is lush, full and beautiful, which is not to say wimpy. This is beauty with an edge, perhaps even a slightly desperate air. Vicki Richards supplies sensuous violin lines. Recommended." - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE (1991)

Enjoy the music. It came out of a bleak time for me. But I think it's a beautiful album.


released March 3, 1991

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This original 1991 version is here for those who already purchased it to be able to stream. CHAOS is available in a remastered expanded edition:


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Black Tape For A Blue Girl creates darkwave, ethereal, neoclassical, ambient, goth albums. This page also includes my ambient/electronic music, as well as side-projects. Thanks for listening. Sam

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